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React JS is a popular, open-source frontend JavaScript Library used for creating reusable UI components, is uses by top MNC giants like Facebook, Uber, Netflix and the list goes on and on.

CK Edge is the Best React JS Training Academy in Cuddalore which will transform your skills into an Expert Front end engineer. Ckedge’s customized course offered here ensures you learn essential concepts such as React JS Framework, Components, and Architecture under the guidance of experienced real-time expert trainers.


React JS

Course Duration : 2 months
(3hrs./Day, in total 120 Hours)

Course Timings : Flexible Timing

1 Comprehensive hands-on Training

2 Expert Instructors with real-world experience

3 Learn to build interative web applications

4 Dive deep into React.JS concepts

5 Small class Sizes for personalized attention

6 Networking Opportunities with Developers

What You'll Learn

1 Introduction to React.JS

2 Component-based Architecture

3 State and props Management

4 Routing with React Router

5 Styling with CSS-in-JS

6 Redux for state Management

7 Building Restful APIs

8 Deployment and Optimization

React JS course in cuddalore


React js development course in cuddalore

1Web Developers Students and Graduates

2IT Professionals

3Anyone interested in modern web development


Get Certified as a Profession:
Elevate your career with our React JS Certification. Master the art of web development and become a sought-after professional in the tech industry.

react js certificate


Our Institute in Cuddalore

CK Edge,
SIDCO Industrial Estate, Semmandalam, Cuddalore, 607001

Common Question

React JS is a JavaScript library for building dynamic user interfaces, known for its component-based approach and efficient rendering of UI changes.

Knowing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript basics helps to start learning React JS. Familiarity with concepts like manipulating webpage elements and understanding how JavaScript works with webpages is beneficial.

Ckedge Cuddalore offers top-notch React JS courses with expert-led instruction and hands-on projects, ensuring practical skill development and career support for your journey in web development.

Learning React JS opens doors to various career opportunities, from becoming a front-end developer, UI/UX specialist, or full-stack developer to exploring roles in tech giants, startups, or freelance opportunities.